Kids Kindle for Young Readers!

Earlier, I have posted about setting up a library of books at home for little kids. As you raise a reader, You may end up buying more and more books. In the tech world, It would be nice to have a kindle reader for easy access from anywhere. Your local school district or libraries support […]

Kids School Calendars, Reminders and Schedules

To keep our kids on track we need to set up a tech calendar that alerts them. I was thinking of smartwatches for this option. But, that wouldn’t be an ideal solution if you think like me. I would like to minimize screen time or any electronic devices that are attached to young kids. Alexa […]

Home School Setup for Remote Learning – “Back to School” from Home

This virtual or online school year 2020 has given us a lot to plan ahead before school starts. Schools are about to open and we are rearranging and setting up my daughter’s room for a remote learning environment and it’s not quite easy. We have been researching for a while with a few desk options […]

Set up Home Library to develop young minds!

Raising a reader starts very early. Even before arriving they can hear things around them. It would be a good idea to read out loud to your unborn. Research says reading books to infants and toddlers helps and supports their speaking skills, vocabulary, and to get ready for kindergarten. Setting up a library at home […]

Pretend & Play for ages 3, 4 & 5 years.

Kids love to pretend & play by watching grownups. My daughter watches me cooking in the kitchen and pretends the same with her own things. To support her play & creativity we researched a few kitchen playsets and found that fits with our space and budget. There are so many to choose from. The one […]

Lego Organizers For Your Kids

Summer is here. Kids are at home. It’s fun and challenging at times. Disorganized toys and legos are for sure all over the place. We all are learning & finding ways to keep our kids organized when and while they are working with their favorite LEGO creations at home. Have you experienced that sharp pain […]

Cooperative Board Games for Little Kids

These pandemic days are challenging for parents to keep kids engaged and off from the screen. After research, I found some interesting activities that help kids & parents to learn their emotions when things don’t work their way. Parents can support their emotional growth by catching it right away and providing feedback. The interesting part […]