Summer is here. Kids are at home. It’s fun and challenging at times. Disorganized toys and legos are for sure all over the place. We all are learning & finding ways to keep our kids organized when and while they are working with their favorite LEGO creations at home.

Have you experienced that sharp pain as you accidentally step over a lego? Have you or your kid get frustrated finding that one piece on their creative activity. We have at our home. Lego time was more about hunting for the pieces than building.

After hours of research, I was glad to find one of the IRIS USA, Inc products. Works excellent for our 5-year-old. We sorted by shape for easy lookup. It’s working great and she absolutely needs no help from us. It takes her seconds to find that next piece!!

If you purchase this and find it useful, please leave a comment for other parents like you.

Lego organizing storage cabinet. Sorting by color or shape

Here are few LEGO Storage cabinets/boxes

IRIS USA, Inc. MC-360-TOP 6-Drawer Storage Cart with Organizer Top, Black

This cabinet is cute and easy to find for lego brick pieces for beginner little kids.

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