This virtual or online school year 2020 has given us a lot to plan ahead before school starts. Schools are about to open and we are rearranging and setting up my daughter’s room for a remote learning environment and it’s not quite easy. We have been researching for a while with a few desk options that fit her room for elementary school setup.

Here are a few must-haves in desks to setup home classroom environment

  1. Smart, sturdy desk to hold the laptop screen for remote learning. One storage drawer. One or Two deep cabinets for books and supplies.
  2. caddy for pencils/pens.
  3. kids & environment friendly for ages 3 -8
  4. storage space.
  5. wood-material

My daughter’s starting kindergarten this year. That’s exciting for us! Her desk needs an upgrade for this virtual school year. So, We decided to get this KidKraft Kids Study Desk with Chair-White. It seems to be perfect for her needs and fits great in her room. Good for storing books, artwork, supplies, and workbooks and there is enough room to hold her laptop (for now). We are considering getting her a bigger all-in-one touch screen computer+monitor. To make it easy for her to mute and un-mute without having to use the mouse.

Kids Distance learning desk with storage. All-in-one touch screen computer + monitor.

We are still not down with our research on the best computer setup. So far this is the one we have landed on. We will do a separate post once we figure out the best product and why we think so. Please do leave a comment on your budget/kid-friendly desk options that works for your family. It would be greatly helpful for all families. Thanks!

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