To keep our kids on track we need to set up a tech calendar that alerts them. I was thinking of smartwatches for this option. But, that wouldn’t be an ideal solution if you think like me. I would like to minimize screen time or any electronic devices that are attached to young kids.

Alexa echo dot for kids is perfect for preschoolers/kindergartners. I would say it’s an ideal option that is screen-free and simple solution for Elementary school kids who work on their own schedules or from home through distance learning. You can sync with your school district calendar, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google, etc. and join classes on time. It’s working great for us. Our school district uses Teams and we manage her outside school activities on Google calendar. We set up both on Alexa echo dot for kids just to remind her a few minutes before her schedule starts. It’s designed for kids in mind and must have in their room.

Besides reminding her, other skill she enjoys on Alexa is the riddler skill, fun, and creative skill, and listen to the awesome PBS kids podcast “Alexa, play Wow in the World”. The best part is once you buy the device these are free and requires no additional subscriptions. Are there are other free and must try Alexa skills for kids? please leave a comment.

Echo Dot Kids Edition, Designed for kids with parental controls – Rainbow.

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